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          an electric deer fence on two lines of posts              

Defining the Strong "3D" Fence: A “3D” electric deer fence consists of two parts. One part is a single charged wire that is baited with scent caps to lure the deer in and shock them. This baited wire, which can be supplemented by other unbaited wires on the same line of posts, is mounted on a line of posts on the outermost margin of the fence (the part closest to the deer) at a height of 3 feet. The other part of this fence consists of two or more charged wires, two of which are mounted at 2 and 4 feet on a line of posts 3 feet inside the first. In general, this "3D" fence works much better than a deer fence on one line of posts. That’s because the second line of posts and wires makes the deer more wary about jumping the fence. This wariness is compounded by the fact that deer have terrible depth perception. Their eyes are on the sides of their heads, so they really cannot triangulate. As a result, something averse to them that has some depth to it (like this fence) makes them reluctant to get involved and greatly increases the chances that they will go away. So, while this fence is generally more expensive than a fence on one line of posts, it is a good deal more effective.



If you're going to create a 3D deer fence on two lines of posts using our materials, you will need the following items: An electric fence charger, metal U-posts, fiberglass posts, insulators, electric fence wire (metal wire or polywire), hookup wire, connector clamps, a ground rod, deer lure and scent caps (optional), gate gear, a fence tester, deer flags, warning signs, and installation instructions (available free on this website).


To follow these guidelines, read each section below and add appropriate items to your shopping cart. When you are done, if you are pleased with your cart's contents you can use it to make a purchase--either by placing your order on the web or by calling us at 508-888-8305.


Electric Fence Chargers for Shocking Deer

Deer are not easy to shock. You need 2+ kilovolts to reliably shock a deer on its nose or tongue, 4 kilovolts to reliably shock it through its coat. And you want the jolt to be strong enough so that it learns quickly to stay away from the electric fence, before it begins to think about jumping over it. Therefore, you need a moderately strong charger (we recommend a power of at least 1 joule, preferably 2, and if you are using an unbaited fence preferably 3). 

The 1 to 3-joule chargers below will reliably shock deer. The AC chargers need hookup wire (a long enough length to reach from your nearest AC outlet to the fence). The battery-powered chargers need a deep-cycle battery (not included). The solar-powered charger (more expensive) comes with everything you need except the battery, so you need to get a 75+ amp-hour deep cycle battery to go with it. If your fence is within 250 feet of an AC outlet we strongly recommend getting one of the AC-powered chargers.

AC-powered Chargers

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Battery-powered Chargers

Solar-powered Chargers

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