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Create Your Own Electric Deer Fence: Introduction



Build a basic deer fence (1 line of posts):


Build a strong deer fence (2 lines of posts):


We provide guidance for making two kinds of electric deer fences. The first has one line of posts. The second has two lines of posts. The type with one line of posts (drawing at left above) tends to be simpler, cheaper, and fairly effective for a time so long as it is baited. It can have any height and any number of wires that you desire. The type with two lines of posts (drawing at right above) is a bit more involved, considerably more expensive, and significantly more effective. The first is suited to short garden deer fences dealing with occasional deer, while the latter is a better bet if the fence is long and the deer more plentiful.

To set up your fence with two lines of posts, it is best to keep the lines of posts about 3 feet apart. Because deer have trouble with close-in depth perception (their eyes are on the sides of their heads), they have trouble telling how far away the inner wires are. So an electric fence with some depth to it is a good deal more intimidating to the deer than one lacking this feature. 

On these pages we provide step-by-step instructions for creating your own deer fence. To start, you need to choose whether you want your fence to have one line of posts or two and click on the appropriate links above.



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