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Catalog: Electric Fence Conductors (Introduction)


          aluminum electric fence wire, 600 feet            

Metal Electric Fence Wire
Polywire and Polywire Reels
Undergate and Hookup Wire
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The three kinds of conductors offered here are metal wire (both aluminum and galvanized steel), a polyconductor (polywire, with a reel for it), and insulated undergate and hookup wire. Metal wire has high conductivity, low cost, and low visibility. Low visibility helps when dealing with deer, because if the deer have a hard time seeing it they may have some uncertainty about how high it goes, and so may be less likely to jump the fence. But metal wire, once unwound, forms terrible tangles when you try to re-wind it. So it cannot be re-used, and that makes polywire superior if you plan to move your fence about or take it down in the off-season. The last kind of conductor, insulated hookup wire, is essential for getting the fence charge from your AC outlet to the fence, for getting the charge across gates, and for passing the charge from one wire to another.                                  


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