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Catalog: Electric Fence Posts

 fiberglass electric fence post, green     fiberglass post, white          metal u-post for deer fences, green   


Fiberglass Posts: 3/8 Inches
Fiberglass Posts: 1/2 Inch
Steel U-posts, 4-5 Feet
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These durable posts, on which we offer substantial volume discounts, are themselves insulators and are treated throughout with a special resin to guard against UV breakdown and prevent splinters--as demonstrated by the fact that we have used them a lot and have never gotten any splinters. Easily installed, they are a breeze to move about and can be expected to last for decades. For all these reasons they make ideal line posts for electric fences--as well as ideal everlasting garden stakes. However, fiberglass posts are flexible -- not just the 3/8-inch posts but also the half-inch posts are flexible. So at corners and gates it's worth using the rigid metal U-posts at the bottom of this page. One can of course substitute other metal posts such as T-posts, or even wooden posts, for these U-posts if desired.


3/8 Inch x 4-Foot Fiberglass Posts         

This product is unavailable or out of stock.

3/8 Inch x 5-Foot Fiberglass Posts         

3/8 Inch x 6-Foot Fiberglass Posts         

1/2 Inch x 4-Foot Fiberglass Posts         

This product is unavailable or out of stock.


1/2 Inch x 6-Foot Fiberglass Posts          

          metal U-post 5 feet long 

STEEL U-POSTS          

The 4 and 5 foot U-posts below (09-108U and 09-109U) are light-weight (0.45 pounds per foot) and painted green. They are durable and well-suited to serving as corner, end, and gate posts for a 3 or 4 foot electric deer fence. The 8 foot galvanized U-post weighs twice as much per foot and is suited to tasks requiring taller and stronger posts.



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