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Catalog: Electric Fence Insulators

snap-on insulator for fiberglass electric fence posts       extender insulator for metal electric fence posts      round post insulator for electric fences


Insulators for Fiberglass Posts
Insulators for Metal U-posts
Insulators for Wood Posts and Trees
Insulators for Steel T-posts
Insulators for Round Posts up to 2 Inches Wide
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INSULATORS: INTRODUCTION                      

The insulators below have been selected because they are suitable for electric deer fences. For a much wider range of insulators go to our Discount Electric Fence Store. Or else, browse a large collection of insulators suited to wide polytapes and other polyconductors in our Horse Fence Store


snap-on insulator for fiberglass posts 


The little snap-on insulator (07-06E), which can carry both metal wire and polywire, is ideal for 3/8-inch fiberglass posts. Just snap the insulator onto the post (best done before inserting the post into the ground) and slide it up or down the post to where you want it. This sliding up or down takes a little heft, but once positioned the insulator will stay put. If you need to apply these insulators in cold weather, put them in a bowl of warm water, because trying to snap a cold insulator onto its post can break the insulator. The two other insulators listed here will deal reasonably well with fiberglass and other posts up to 9/16 inches in diameter and will carry both metal wire and polywire.   

extender insulator for metal posts


Use the corner knob or tubular insulator to get metal wire and polywire around corners and to terminate it at fence ends. Use the insulator with metal legs, which takes both metal wire and polywire, to deal with gates. 





             electric fence insulator for wood posts 

Insulators for Wood Posts and Trees         

We tend to prefer the pin-lock insulator in this group, which will hold the charged wire or polywire very securely; but the little black insulator with deep arms is less expensive and is also a good choice. Alternatively, for those who want to hold the charged wire or polywire out from the wood post or tree to which it is attached, we offer several extender insulators. 



         electric fence insulator for T-posts 

Insulators for Studded Steel T-posts         

The most economical insulators in this group hold metal wire and polywire reasonably well close to the post. The pin-lock insulator (more expensive) holds the conductor very securely. And the extender insulators keep the wire or polywire well out from the post.


 extender insulator for round electric fence posts 

Insulators for Round Posts up to 2 Inches Wide         

The insulators here deal well with round posts up to 2 inches in diameter. As shown in the photo, the insulator with metal legs also attaches well to chain link fencing.


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