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Catalog: Gear for Electric Fence Gates


Gate Handles and Rings
Small Gate Kit
Wide Gate Kit
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ABOUT GATES              

Even with a one-wire electric fence, much less multi-wire types, there should be a convenient way of getting through the fence. So there should be at least one gate. To keep animals out (or in) the gate itself should be electrified. The products below, combined with appropriate posts, conductors, and insulators, permit easy construction of simple gates that can be used even while the fence is charged.

To ensure effective passage of the charge across the gate at all times, use undergate and hookup wire. Attach this to the active conductor on both sides of the gate by means of split bolt connectors and bury it beneath the gate opening at a depth of a few inches. If large animals or vehicles may be coming through the gate, protect the underground wire by running it through a well-drained pipe.


yellow rubber gate handle 

GATE HANDLES AND RINGS                    

Our handles permit a gate to be opened, and then re-latched, without contacting the charged conductor. If your gate is not wide, all you need to make a gate (besides the insulators on the gate) is a gate handle and ring (one of each for each wire or tape crossing the gate opening). Use your conductor and a crimp or split-bolt clamp to secure the ring to the insulator on one side of the gate. Then, on the other side of the gate, cut the conductor, leaving enough excess to get across the gate opening. Attach the cut end to the back of your gate handle and arrange things so that the handle can be made to hook into the ring on the other side of the gate when the gate is closed.




small electric fence gate kit 

Small Gate Kit for Wood Posts and T-posts          

This kit, with the help of a gate handle and your own wire or polywire, will span gate openings between wood posts or T-posts that are 3 to roughly 6 feet wide. Components include two pin-lock wood post insulators with nails, two pin-lock t-post insulators, and two anchors (flat pieces of metal with three holes). To install, attach the pin-lock insulators to appropriate wood posts or t-posts, insert the middle hole of each anchor in the appropriate pin-lock insulator, firmly attach the incoming wire or polywire to one end of an anchor at one side of the gate, and attach the other end of this anchor to a short length of your wire or polywire connected to the back of the gate handle. The gate handle can then be hooked onto one side of the anchor on the far side of the gate, and the wire or polywire coming in from the other side of the fence can be attached to this anchor plate's remaining hole.



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