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Catalog: Electric Fence Testers

digital electric fence tester   

An electric fence voltage reader (not an ordinary volt-meter, which won’t work) is an essential tool for anyone who wants to install and maintain an electric fence, because it's good for trouble-shooting. Not only can it tell whether the fence is working better than one can tell by touching the fence (a poor idea that doesn't always yield accurate results), it can tell how much voltage is on the line and can help with diagnosis if there is any question about how well the charger/fence combination is performing.

The 5-lite reader below can read voltages up to 4 kilovolts, the minimum needed to reliably shock a deer with an unbaited fence. The digital tester, which provides a digital display showing the recorded voltage to the nearest 100 volts, reads up to 20 kilovolts. Please note that most 1 to 3 joule chargers appropriate for deer fences can put out more than 4 or 7 kilovolts, and so it is best to apply a 5-lite tester only briefly in order to avoid possible burnout. This consideration does not apply to the more expensive digital reader.   

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