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scent cap for an electric deer fence

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DEER LURES               

Most electric deer fences are baited. That is, they rely on attracting deer to the fence with a deer scent and shocking them on the nose or tongue. This approach makes it less likely that the deer will learn to hop over the fence. Also, an effective shock on the animal's moist nose or tongue requires less voltage (in the neighborhood of 2.5 kilovolts) than the roughly 4 kilovolts required to shock it through its insulated coat. The usual way of setting up a fence this way is to bait a fence wire running about 3 feet high with some deer attractant about every 20 feet, and then to maintain the bait every 10 days or so--at least throughout the critical early part of the season. Peanut butter is a perfectly good deer attractant, and aluminum foil molded into a small cup shape can serve as a receptacle. However, many people prefer scent caps (like product 03-04) baited with a few drops of a lure like concentrated apple or wild grape scent because this arrangement is less messy and easier to maintain.

We stock two deer scents (apple and wild grape) in case the deer get used to one. The 1.25 oz. bottles last quite a while, but for baiting really long electric deer fences the 4 oz. bottle makes sense. Of all the commercial deer lures, apple scent is the most widely used.


scent cap for deer



Scent caps baited with a few drops of apple or wild grape scent offer a good way around the messiness of peanut butter. The one here consists of a small metal cap packed with cotton to hold the attractant and a metal wire that braids easily with either metal wire or polywire. 


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