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Single-wire fences are well-suited to protecting relatively small areas like summer gardens from small deer populations; and they are best set up in the off-season, before the protected area contains anything strongly attractive to the deer, so that the baits will have no competition.

STRENGTHS: These deer fences are simple, affordable, and commonly effective for many years.

WEAKNESSES: The scent caps along the fence need be replenished with a few drops of apple scent every 10 to 14 days during the training period. Also, these fences will not work if the deer learn to jump over them, at which point they will need to be supplemented with stronger measures.

ACCESSORIES: You will need to buy an AC, battery, or solar-powered electric fence charger with the kit, because this is not included. Also, especially if you get an AC-powered charger, you may need another standard piece of electric fence gear, this being undergate and hookup wire. Plan on plugging the charger into your nearest AC outlet and then connecting the charger's positive terminal to the hot wire on the fence with a length of undergate and hookup wire. Be sure to get enough hookup wire to span this distance. If you will be using a battery or solar-powered charger, plan on locating the charger just inside the fence and mounting it so that your metal wire can get from the charger's positive terminal to the fence without coming in contact with the ground or anything that is not an insulator. If you do that, and if you install only the single gate included in the kit, you will need no hookup wire. Otherwise get enough hookup wire to do whatever tasks you have in mind -- mainly reaching from the charger to the fence and going under any extra gates.


          a one-wire electric fence drawing           1-wire electric deer fence kit products (collage)

1-wire kits (for 100, 200, 300, and 600 foot fences)

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