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Electric Deer Fence Kits: Introduction

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About Our Kits

All our kits are baited, because deer can jump; and it's not easy to stop a deer in the air with an electric fence. So, if you're not into barrier fencing, it makes sense to bait them to the fence with a deer lure and give them a shock so that they learn to stay away from the protected area.

We offer two kinds of kits in various lengths, one with a charged conductor on one line of posts ("1-wire" kits) and the other with three charged conductors on two lines of posts ("3D" kits).

The 1-wire kits are convenient and economical but are unlikely to be very effective at lengths beyond 600 feet. The 3D kits cost more but are considerably more effective. So besides lengths up to 600 feet we offer 300 and 600 foot extender kits that can be combined with any of the other 3D kits and can be used to extend the 600 foot kit to 900 or 1200 feet. None of these kits or extender kits includes an electric fence charger or gate, but a suitable selection of chargers and gates is provided  (see menu above). To see the parts in any kit, click on the kit's photo.


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