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Strong ("3D") Electric Deer Fence Kits and Extenders

a strong (3D) electric deer fence            

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Strong "3D" kits

Because their eyes are on the sides of their heads, deer have poor depth perception. So they are wary of things that shock them, like electric fences, that have some depth. Our 3D baited fence kits take advantage of this fact by placing a second line of posts three feet behind the first and arming this with two charged wires. Besides imposing a psychological barrier, these inner wires are set high enough and low enough to discourage deer from jumping over or crawling under the fence. Beyond that, if you are protecting tall plants you can run the inner wires fairly close to the plants, depriving jump-inclined deer of a place to land, while at the same time the outer wire can be placed far enough away to keep them from reaching over the fence to browse.

Like our one-wire fences, these three-wire fences are baited with a deer lure (concentrated apple scent) that brings the deer to the front wire and gives them a shock, thereby training them away from the protected area. Like their single-wire cousins, these kits are best set up in the off-season, so that the baits will have no competition during the training period.

STRENGTHS: Simplicity and economy, combined with more deer-repelling power than a single-wire fence.

WEAKNESSES: As with the 1-wire fences, their scent caps need periodic refreshing. Also, while these fences will commonly protect attractive targets like apple orchards and vineyards, they cannot be relied on fully to do this in all circumstances.

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