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Electric Deer Fence for deer control -- by mcgregor fence

electric deer fence on one line of posts                 strong electric deer fence on two lines of posts

IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR DEER FENCE YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. We offer lots of advice, kits, and products at low prices (see our price match policy).  Our information section is the best in the business. So use these pages to buy kits and other products, learn about deer fencing, follow our guidelines for building it yourself, get a quote and parts list, or browse our free and detailed installation instructions. Use the handy menu below to reach whatever you want to visit:

Learn about Deer and Electric Fences
Shop for Kits
Shop for Parts Sold Separately
Get Guidelines for Building Your Own Fence
Request a Quote and Parts List
Browse Free Installation Instructions
Compare Electric to Barrier Deer Fencing (This Takes You to Our Barrier Fence Site)

Whatever Your Aim, We Pledge You:

  • A Large Inventory
  • Low Prices
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Sound Guidance
  • Satisfaction

More on Our Information, Kits, and Products:

  • INFORMATION: Our information pages help to define your deer fence needs. They explain how an electric fence works, weigh various fence options, describe deer fences suited to a variety of tasks, and compare how well electric versus barrier fences keep out deer. For those seeking more detailed information, they also describe various parts in an electric fence directed against deer and explain how those parts should be selected.
  • KITS: Anyone who wants a good deer fence without a lot of fuss will find that our kits offer a sound answer. Get a basic (1-wire) kit to protect a small area against modest deer pressure; or get a "3D" kit on 2 lines of posts to provide stronger deer control.
  • PRODUCTS: We sell everything you need to make your fence: chargers, posts, insulators, conductors, hookup wire, ground rods, connectors, etc. We also sell accessories like lightning chokes and fence testers. You can browse a good selection of all these, chosen for deer fence suitability, in our catalog. Or you can use our Build Your Own Fence pages to purchase each product in turn with our guidance. Either way, rest assured that we have everything you need.

Other Websites

Our parent firm, the McGregor Fence Company LLC, has lots of other websites dealing with specific animals and situations. We have a barrier deer fence site as well as sites offering bear, horse, dog, cat, and garden fences. These sites provide information, kits, planning pages, and a host of products. Use the listings on our links page to reach them:

You can also contact us directly by e-mailing your query, or if the matter is urgent or complex by telephoning us at 508-888-8305.
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