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Six Wire Kit

Buy a Six-wire (High-Tensile Six-Foot) Kit:

The basic kit in various lengths: The basic kits below are the most dependable electric deer fences for dealing with large perimeters, crop protection, dry ground, frozen ground, heavy deer pressure, and other challenging situations. They are designed to place alternately neutral and charged 14-gauge wires on well-braced lines of posts for lengths ranging from 660 feet up to 2 miles and beyond. The supplies included in the basic kit can handle up to 4 corners, ends, or sharp turns. Detailed setup instructions are included. Chargers and gates are not included. To buy a charger compatible with your basic kit, select an AC-, battery-, or solar-powered charger from the second table. To complete your kit, purchase the materials needed to make one or more gates from the third table. To extend your kit to some specific length without adding additional corner materials, use the fourth table.

To see the parts included in this kit, click on Parts List. To view a detailed and labeled schematic drawing of the kit, click on Drawings. To further customize a six-wire kit or to plan an electric fence modeled on this kit, go to the Parts List and follow the instructions at the bottom of the first table.

Purchase your basic kit here: If you need somewhat more than a quarter-mile, half-mile, mile, or two-mile length of fence, you can purchase one or more 640-foot extensions from the last table on this page. On the other hand, if you need more corners (each basic kit comes with four) you can add four more corners by buying another basic kit.

Kit No.

Kit Description




660-foot six-wire (high-tensile) electric deer fence kit (charger and gate not included).



1/4 mile six-wire (high-tensile) electric deer fence kit (charger and gate not included)



1/2 mile six-wire (high-tensile) electric deer fence kit (charger and gate not included)



1 mile six-wire (high-tensile) electric deer fence kit (charger and gate not included)



2 mile six-wire (high-tensile) electric deer fence kit (charger and gate not included)


Choose your charger: Select the charger for your kit from the table below. To use an AC-powered charger, your fence (the nearest part) will need to be less than 130 feet from the closest AC outlet. If this distance is over 130 feet but less than 500 feet, you can still use an AC-powered charger by purchasing additional insulated undergate and hookup wire. (Please note that you cannot use an ordinary outdoor extension cord to connect an AC-powered charger to your fence.)

Product No.






AC-powered electric fence charger, Field Guardian Lieutenant (3 joules)

Field Guardian Lieutenant



Battery-powered electric fence charger (2 joules, 12-volt battery not included)

Field Guardian FGB200


Add to cart by putting number in “QTY” box and clicking button below.

Add One or More Gates: Decide whether you want one, two, or three gates and click on the appropriate “Add to Cart” button in the table below.

Product No.






Materials needed for one gate of a six-wire high-tensile electric deer fence

4 eight-foot galvanized studded steel T-posts, 2 earth anchors, 6 expando spring gates, 12.5 ga. high-tensile wire, undergate wire, corner knob insulators, pin-lock insulators, wire strainers, split-bolt clamps, kwik-splices. Complete installation instructions included with instructions for basic kits 13-30 through 13-34 (catalog numbers of the parts above are 02-07HT1, 02-29, 05-01, 07-13A, 07-88, 07-89, 08-29, 08-33, 08-36, 09-23A, 16-11)



TWO gates for a six-wire fence

Two copies of each item in product 13-35G above



THREE gates for a six-wire fence

Three copies of each item in product 13-35G above


Extend Your Fence: Add one or more of the 640-foot extension kits below to extend the length of your fence. Each extension kit simply provides material for making one 640-foot extension. It does not include special instructions (included with the basic kit above) or materials for making gates, corners, or ends.

Product No.






Materials for one 640-foot extension (order as many as needed to reach the desired length). Corner, gate and end materials not included

8 fiberglass posts 11/16-inch x 8 feet, 25 battens, cotter pins, batten clips, 14 gauge high-tensile wire, wire strainers, tension springs, splicers, split-bolt clamps, warning signs (parts 02-80, 02-81, 08-29, 08-31, 08-32, 08-33, 09-15, 09-38A, 09-82, 09-83, and 10-01)


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